You Can Help Middlesex Habitat Renovate the Next Home!

02.22.17 | Posted By: S A

Dear Friend of Middlesex Habitat for Humanity,

Wow, 2016 was a year like no other for Middlesex Habitat for Humanity. In one year we received a home and land donation, as well as a large grant to build in Westbrook. If you add in the second Portland project, Middlesex Habitat for Humanity will be busy for the next few years.

When I think about the impact these donations will make on Middlesex County, my thoughts turn to families who are trying to make a better life. Far too many families are in need of safe, decent, affordable housing. Partnering with Middlesex Habitat is a guaranteed path toward stability and transformation for families in need of a decent home.

After a long process and a great deal of effort, the Leavy-Robare family is finally home—building a brighter future! This milestone was made possible only by the heart and commitment of wonderful donors like YOU.

However, many more families still need safe, affordable housing.

Every child, every family has the potential to stand on their own. Sometimes they just need a little help. They need you now more than ever %u2014 and that%u2019s why we%u2019re asking for your support today.

Your gift will help renovate a generous home donation in Middletown we received and in turn will help the next Middlesex Habitat family get the hand up they need to build a stronger foundation and a brighter future for themselves and their children.

Helping a family move into a decent, affordable Habitat home helps them build a better life. It provides a pathway toward financial stability, safety for their children, and a healthy environment in which the whole family can thrive.

Working together, side by side, we can help a family take the first step toward a brighter future.

Housing prices still remain out of reach for many hard working families, and with so many families struggling with inadequate housing, your support of Middlesex Habitat for Humanity has never been more vital. With your help, we will continue to pursue our shared vision where everyone in Middlesex County has a decent place to live. Including, perhaps, a family right in your own neighborhood.

Please join us in helping a family in need of decent, affordable housing by giving a generous gift to our Julia Terrace Home Renovation Drive.

Thank you. You are the difference we need in our community.

In partnership,

Sarah Bird,
Executive Director