We Won–Thanks to you!

12.08.17 | Posted By: Christopher

The Wait is over…Middlesex Habitat for Humanity won the $20,000 Liberty Bank Foundation Anniversary Grant! 

WOW, look what happens when people work together for a common cause! We are beyond thrilled and grateful for every person who took time to vote for us. Thank you for voting for us, having faith in the work we do and the impact affordable homes has on our communities.

Thank You to Liberty Bank Foundation, for the opportunity to win $20,000! We knew know matter who the winner was that $20,000 would be invested into affordable housing, and that’s what really matters. The Liberty Bank Foundation is an amazing partner to nonprofits and our communities, they just get “it” and want to do what they can to help prevent “it”.

The Liberty Bank Foundation Birthday Bash was amazing and now we get to put Liberty Bank Foundation’s investment to work.